1:1 Soul Alchemy

Not for the faint of heart!

I love ferociously.

You may lose an eyebrow (or two)…
you have been warned.

If the pull of your purpose is STRONG...
"it’s" coming... you know it…
and you’ve decided you’d rather waterski than be
dragged face first in the wake of your own awesomeness, 
then hit that apply button!

1:1 work with me is by application only.

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We're not a good
match if...

You are looking for a quick route out of discomfort that bypasses your body or your spirit.

You don’t believe that ancestral or generational healing is necessary (or even a thing). 

My work will only ever enrich your relationship with, and bring you closer to, your true identity - not anyone else’s version of you.

We will travel a non-linear path of practice and remembering, gathering threads of self trust and Knowing that offer you a nourishing relationship with your healthy ancestors, and with generations yet to come (blood or otherwise).

We are led by your nervous system and calling - after all, they have been waiting for you, the only one who can reclaim your owned wisdom and belonging.

Alchemising this into a practical, and beneficial paradigm for your life can be shockingly simple, profound,  and sometimes Quantum fast

...but it requires your intention, devotion and willingness to walk into the unknown.

You don’t enjoy synaptic leaps, a potty mouth, irreverent laughter, digging deep into who you are, and disrupting systems of oppression.

(Oh and dogs...
if you don't like dogs it'll never work!)

You've been called to me if...

You’re ready to uncover and
 utilise the riches your
ancestors packed away to protect.

Contact me

You want an experienced guide who can hold space for your intensity
as you process and
alchemise your generational healing.

 You're devoted to enriching humanity with paradigm shifting,
soul-led leadership,
bone deep wisdom,
humility and humour.

I will never tell you who you are or what you should do.

That’s not my bag.

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My 1:1 package is
£6,666 for 16 sessions of 75 minutes.
Payment plans are possible.

Available by application only.

The application is part of the package - regardless of whether we work together or not, you'll learn about yourself, just from completing it.

"My expression to
the outside world, 
is now a self-expression
of what I believe."
- Elizabeth T

"The information Sally gives is on point and
excellent (I teach neuroscience),
but it's delivered in a way that's really fun,
very manageable and digestible."
- Kathleen K

"I’ve found an expansion of agency.
I feel full acceptance for me and
full awareness of what's going on within me.
I am able to rest in the unfolding,
the unknowns and the mysteries,
and also look at my past with new eyes,
absorbing Sally's love for me and for all humans."
- Sarah B

"Sally gave me unconditional love for myself,
and more...
For the first time in my life,
I can trust myself.
I feel safe to be seen,
heard and take up space
as my authentic self."
- Caroline B

"What I love about Sally is how
I always feel safe around her.
I never feel judged by her.
I feel witnessed and accepted.
I see that my feelings are normal,
my problems are normal. 
I am part of, I am one of.  I am safe to open up and be seen.
-Anne H

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