the ALCHEMIST OF inner safety.

Hi, I’m Sally, 

If you find yourself stuck in the woods between worlds, the gooey, scary as hell, liminal space between the paradigm you were raised in, and the one you are creating, I’m who you want at your side.


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You're realising the profound truth... are meant to be you. 

Maybe you already tried, and turned back...
But now, something has shifted. 

It’s legitimately scary in the goo
between social untethering and
stepping into who you truly are.

But staying in this "social" safety limits you to the unreliable and inconsistent whims of social approval.

To step into the true shape of you,  you need a reliable, internally generated,  sustainable form of safety.

The impact of your lived experience, and those of your ancestors, lives on in your nervous system.

Generations before you survived unsafety as best they could by being socially safe...
  • acceptable
  • small
  • faultless

So of course it's viscerally activating to your nervous system to consider
another way...

...if a socialised version of safety is the only safety you have known, when you begin untethering from it fear and discomfort comes.

But hey!
No pressure...

In fact, what is transmuting within you has been generationally
and culturally waiting for you. 

t can only be you to do this work. 

You are the one
capable of alchemising what has come before,
into relevant, liberated, sovereign wisdom.

Not just for you.
For humanity. 

Big joke, right?! Because

  • Knowing what you know
  • Having the ambition you have
  • Feeling a sneaky tingle of the part you have to play in what you're starting to sense is really possible.... very likely to come with pressure... fear... stress...
This fear doesn't mean you're wrong, it's showing you the need for a new version of safety.

There are very few role models for a heart-led, ancestrally informed leader, especially one who rejects the dogma of how leadership has historically been done…

So how do you find your way? Not someone else’s way, YOUR way?

With a trusted, experienced guide
  • who has walked this path before
  • who knows its twists and turns,
  • and has a very particular set of skills (please tell me you read that in a Liam Neeson voice...).

I’m the guide for
soul-led, ancestrally informed leaders

who are committed to un-shaming, witnessing, and alchemising both their own lived experience, and that of the gooey ancestral mulch they have inherited, so that together we can: 

  • Become better ancestors to leave an intentional, beneficial legacy for future generations, and be an equitable steward of the world

  • Move from fear based, reactive hierarchy and dogma, to safe, sovereign, mutually beneficial relations

  • Rupture the mass patterns of humanity to enable the creation of systems that support humans (rather than frankenstein versions of what isn’t working now)

It just so happens...

I’m here to show you how all the things that have been holding you back are there simply because...

My work will only ever enrich your relationship with, and bring you closer to your true identity - not anyone else’s version of you.
We will weave a non-linear path through your inheritances as well as your lived experience...
Your nervous system and soul have been waiting for you, to be the one to do this work, and we are led by that.
This work can be shockingly simple, profound, and sometimes Quantum fast… But easy?

There is ease to come, but first, there is work.

Build an unconventional and profound relationship with fear, that will guide your true self, revolutionise your presence, and increase the impact you
can make

Anchor the skill of inner safety in mind, body and purpose...
a safety that becomes second nature
and lives within you
no matter what

Switch the fuel
you are using to follow the pull of your purpose
from adrenaline and chronic stress
to sustainable
energetic alignment with fulfilment and 
self-care baked in

My particular set of skills will guide you to

Which means you can:


Liberate your voice and your leadership as relevant and necessary, while having an enriched private life that restores and uplifts you.



Unshame and access the mychorrizal network of ancestral wisdom, to support the evolution of a new future.

Live and be seen in integrity, holding the sacred paradox of your pivotal importance to the world, alongside deep humility.


Sounds good?
Let's get started.

“Part sage, part shaman, part sidekick and wholly sovereign, Sally guides you with your own wisdom all the way back to your purpose.”
- Simone S

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