The podcast for when you’re stuck between the patterns of your past and the pull of your purpose.

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The Liminal Zone Alchemist Podcast


Sally Hardie

Kinda feel like we're already friends? Good! Me, too.

I created this podcast from a desire to share zero cost information from my decades of learnings.

It also gives me space to get ranty, address what I feel needs addressing, and hopefully bring you a little closer to the campfire, so you can share, witness and alchemise your own experiences.

I really do consider us friends, so please drop me a line!
What have you enjoyed?
What would you love more of?

“Elixir for the Soul
Found: source of wisdom for authentic presence!”

— ASapGirl


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“It’s like Sally has looked inside my soul and seen all the things in the deep dark crevasses that I need to bring into the light to live happier Thank You I love listening”


“This should be taught in school. Seriously. I want people to know this for themselves, then teach it to anyone who’ll stand still long enough to listen”


“I cannot begin to describe the sheer joy of having Sally with me on my morning walk. So much of what she talks about resonates deeply with me…”

- Furrypigs