"What I love about Sally is that I always feel safe around her. I never feel judged by her.
When I get coached, I feel witnessed and accepted because I can express my hardships and wins… I see that I am normal: my feelings are normal, my problems are normal. 
I am part of, I am one of. 
Sally creates a safe space around her which makes me feel safe, and because of this, I can open up and be seen.
-Anne H

"I now FEEL mind and body as one entity
I have witnessed strength in vulnerability and the power of receiving heartfelt guidance to seek answers within the self.
Sally is knowledgeable, down-to-earth and inclusive. Her teaching connects souls, not labels pinned on us by society or ourselves.
I celebrate being a cog in a big wheel of change because it's what I want rather than what I think I should want."
-Diane S

"Walk with Sally, and watch your soul unfold....
I was a full-blown people-pleaser.... then overnight, I started to identify my socialised self vs my authentic self…
Sally is the most relatable and non-judgemental coach I’ve met, she’s so authentically herself. She’s like a fairy god-sister!"
-Leigh K