My company is pro-humans and stands for equitable justice. 

Embedded in it's foundations are considerations and processes of anti-bias, anti-hierarchy and anti-oppression, from a place of cultural humility. 

That means I don't know what I don't know: I am dedicated to uncovering and decolonising biases I may be unaware of within my privilege, and I accept it is not possible for me to know everything about all other cultures. No matter my best intention, it is possible I will impact another human in a way that does harm.

Where you find me or my company falling short of my founding claims, I invite you to open discourse. 

I will not communicate with threats, assumptions or any form of inequitable, diminishing or derogatory language. 

Bigotry, dogma and bullying of any kind towards me, my family, my team, or members of my community
will not be tolerated.

I do not claim a safe space. I don’t believe it’s possible, and requiring the outside world to provide you with safety is sadly not a viable or reliable option for anyone to bank on.

Rather I would share with you how to become safe within yourself. 

I will hold a well-boundaried space where you can experience it is safe to be triggered. 

I am responsible for this space and maintaining it’s boundaries to the best of my wisdom and ability. Entering it assumes your self-responsibility. I will support you in this.

However if I believe you are acting outside the standards and spirit of my space, you will be removed. 

FYI, I have excellent discernment.

Currently my podcast is provided in audio (all podcast listening platforms) and video (YouTube), and each is transcribed (available to download from the individual podcast episode page).

My courses are predominantly video and audio, most are transcribed, and they often have accessible playbooks.

I am a small company prioritising financial and functional accessibility. I regret I do not yet provide for the full spectrum of brilliant bodies and brains… it is nothing to do with my love for you, nor a reflection on your huge value to this world. It is everything to do with time and funds.  

Hang around for a hot minute and I trust you'll see evidence of all the above, along with maybe receiving some mind blowing moments, and most definitely you'll wheeze through a few belly laughs for good measure…

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