Hi, I’m Sally

I am
The Liminal Zone Alchemist. 

Who you see on Instagram, read on Substack, come into contact with in my classes and sessions, is exactly who you would find at my kitchen table.

My small chat sucks, I'm highly distractable unless hyperfocused (ADHDc), I have synaptic leaps and uncanny discernment about matters I don't know enough about to be THAT accurate, I'm partially deaf but lip read REALLY well, I love my pooch, walking in the woods, and skipping into the darkness, a smile on my face...

This is me, this is my life.

You are welcome here. 




my pooch and my boots

mycelial networks







A few of my                     things

I grew up in Northern Ireland, my ADHD brain primed on fast thinking - mostly to get myself out of the trouble that my
fast mouth got me into.

Learning how to generate my own safety regardless of the circumstances was a skill I learned early on, one that drew all sorts of characters into my life... it would take nearly 4 decades of over-compensating and people pleasing for me to evolve this into a sovereign, reliable safety.

Realising sovereign safety was not an "innate" gift, but a skill I could share, changed my life and unleashed my purpose...

As a human deeply aware that life is short, I don't beat around the bush - I am straight talking, passionate (ranty when necessary) and honest.
I serve your freedom to fulfil your highest purpose.
Aaaand that can be... uncomfortable, sometimes. Yet you will never be in doubt of how profoundly I love and care for you.

I cut through the jargon and BS to deliver simple, effective soul-led wisdom that will resonate with your insides - wisdom that has been alchemised from my life, and decades of studying (both formally and informally) across more disciplines than I care to admit.

However, since you’re reading this then I suppose I ought to admit!

Here comes a list...


Things I've studied...

...and I can fly a plane, make a chair from a fallen tree,
and carve a pretty good spoon.
Just please don't ask me to COOK!

Sneak peak into me:

My highest value...

Is a combo value, it doesn’t exist without it’s counterpart...
Unconditional love with honest accountability.
I am corny enough to believe love is the highest and strongest of all emotions, but without accountability, unconditional love can be, at best, un-boundaried and at worst, abusive. 

It would be lying. No wait - mosquitoes.
No, lying.
I’d rather be savaged by mosquitoes (happens often, I must smell like prime Buffalo arse) than be lied to.
Dishonesty- from “part-truths” to out and out lies - makes my whole body shut down then erupt in an
almighty YUK.

If you know me, you’ll know!
Walking with my pooch, especially in forests where I can dig my hands into the mulch of the forest floor in wonder (I’ve moved past the human horror of realising trees feed off their own decay…)
Walking in nature is the BEST form of self-care for me.
When my body is moving in nature, my brain is grooving with goodies
for you all!
The light and shadow, the rupture and heal, the raw survival honesty of it speaks to me as a human animal.

If I could ban one thing...

My favourite thing to do...

Some nice names people have called me...

Some not so nice names people (not clients!) have called me...

All said about the same "me"... interesting, isn't it?!
- just keeping it real!

My eldest son is like a labrador with water and while I was (unusually!) hemming and hawing about going in, he stripped down to his undies, and
went... he was 9.

I remember in that moment the complete awe I felt at his “of course”ness to something my body wanted to do but my brain was talking me out of.

This image reminds me that decisions are made in the body, plans are made in the head… and that it’s always a good idea to carry a change of clothes. 

Some favourite moments

A simple memory I am happy to have captured...

A long, late evening with my family and friends on the beach, hearing the sound of laughter from the children in the distance, feeling warm by the fire and by the abundance and deep comfort of ease-filled friendship...

The peace was soon broken by the aforementioned friends plonking an old (varnished) bed-frame on the fire to dispose of it, covering us all in mucky smoke!

I had words with them.

The sea in Denmark is COLD... it's literally Baltic

Memories, immortalised moments held in freeze frame, punctuating the passage of time…
they make me who I am and I’m grateful for ALL of them (even the not so great ones).

The sound of laughter


...and into the forest I go,
to lose my mind


"Sally is gifted facilitator, weaving compassion,
insight and just the right amount of challenge
into every single session.
She regularly floors me by
asking me questions about myself
that I simply don't know the answer to yet.
And then, of course, she helps me to fill in all those blanks."
- Sara T

"Walk with Sally, and watch your soul unfold.
I was a full-blown people-pleaser....
then overnight, I started to identify
my socialised self vs my authentic self…
Sally is the most relatable and
non-judgemental coach I’ve met, she’s so authentically herself.
She’s like a fairy god-sister!"
- Leigh K

"I now FEEL mind and body as one entity.
I have witnessed strength in vulnerability and
the power of receiving heartfelt guidance
to seek answers within myself.
Sally is knowledgeable, down-to-earth and inclusive.
Her teaching connects souls,
not labels pinned on us by society or ourselves."
- Diane Skea

"I have found a steadiness,
a groundedness that I've never had in my life.
The sovereign safety that I’ve gained with Sally
means that no matter what life tosses,
I have a sense of resilience. I feel it in my bones.
My whole approach to my work has totally changed, making it entirely sustainable and enjoyable
(and not -often!- adrenaline fuelled)."
-Elizabeth T

"I needed a guide, a steady drumbeat for self love, self understanding, and allowing my body to freak out
if it needed to…   I got that, and more.
I had a profound experience that stretched me, surprised me and gave me a sense of freedom I didn’t think was possible.
Sally gave me the safety to feel scared, and also recover, knowing I was safe - I've never had that with a teacher, guru or coach before. I had quite a number of quantum shifts, just witnessing the complexity and beauty of being human."
- Sarah B